The trips are fundamental in the development of the business world. Nothing can be left to chance, and behid this there has to be planning and professional follow-up that leads each trip to meet its goal of success.

Our Corporate Department is composed of a team of professionals with a lot of experience, identifying and adapting to the philosophy of our customer service. Every trip has its unforeseen circumstances, for this reason we have 24 hours support.

Our collaboration with our customers is based on the following objectives:

  • SERVICE: We aim to adapt our resources to give you high quality and dedicated service

  • RECRUITMENT: Appropriate agreements to your business

  • TECHNOLOGY: We aim to meet your requirements through the latest technologies

  • INFORMATION AND REPORTING: We aim to give you excelent access to your travel information through the implementation of our travel management system

  • SAVING: We aim to search for points of savings without losing the high quality of our service