Air Europa will resume operations between Madrid and Athens during the summer of 2024

The airline is resuming its route between the Spanish and Greek capitals until September with a daily flight frequency.

This airline operation will be carried out with the Boeing 737 fleet, offering around 180 flights with a capacity for more than 33,000 passengers, a higher volume than in 2023. This connection to Athens will be operated from the strategic Madrid-Barajas Airport, linking two destinations of paramount importance for the tourism industry in the Mediterranean.

Air Europa increases its offer by 90%

For this strategic route, the airline increases its number of seats by 90% compared to those offered in 2023. The increasing demand from travelers to Greece has allowed for this increase towards a destination of great tourism significance. And it’s because Greece received a total of 32.7 million visitors last year, compared to 27.8 million in 2022. During this same period, Athens welcomed around 3 million people, which places it among the most important European destinations alongside London, Madrid, Barcelona, and Rome.

A route aboard a Boeing 737

Air Europa will operate this route between Madrid and Athens using Boeing 737 aircraft, renowned for their excellence and comfort. Narrow-body aircraft, especially suitable for medium or short-haul flights. These aircraft from the American multinational offer a flight experience that combines fuel efficiency with cargo capacity optimization. With the reactivation of this route to Athens, Air Europa also aims to strengthen its overall offering for this summer season with around 8.5 million seats.

In this way, destinations such as Venice, Tunisia, Marrakech or new routes to the Dominican Republic (Santiago de los Caballeros) demonstrate the company’s commitment to offering all kinds of attractive destinations for any type of traveler and providing extensive connectivity on both sides of the Atlantic.