Bleisure and new business travel trends

En MTGlobal, we analyze one of the latest ways to understand business travel. More and more professionals are looking to balance their time between leisure and business.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a radical transformation in business travel worldwide. In these four years, companies have adapted to new realities in this type of travel and embarked on a new path through a corporate world that has changed forever. Business travel is no longer just about traveling from one point to another. Professionals traveling for work are also seeking experiences that complement their trips, combining work and well-being with efficiency and sustainability. At MTGlobal, we also believe that personalization is a priority. Both in the service provided by the agency responsible for their transfers and corporate travel, and in the ability to adapt to individual preferences.

In this regard, the term “bleisure” has been coined in recent years, resulting from the combination of the terms business and leisure. That’s right, it refers to the integration of corporate travel and leisure time. The younger professionals in companies are leading this combination of two ways of understanding a business trip. For many of them, it is essential to be able to enjoy moments of relaxation outside the whirlwind of work during the course of the trip itself.

We live in a time of constant change, where the technology we know continues to evolve and incorporate solutions such as artificial intelligence and its applications. Despite the controversy that continues to arise with each step taken in this direction, AI is going to play a crucial role in a new era of corporate travel. In this sector, we must confront the challenge of combining the solutions that AI is capable of generating with the personalization of each service, making it clear to our clients that where human capability reaches, artificial intelligence does not.

These days, it is also crucial to understand and embrace ESG policies, which represent a new way of addressing corporate social responsibility. Business travelers are increasingly involved in seeking sustainable journeys, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of their travels, choosing hotels with green certifications, and participating in activities that actively promote environmental responsibility.

MTGlobal, through its specialized department in Business Travel & Transfers, offers tailor-made solutions for every traveler, regardless of the destination. Our network of correspondents worldwide and a set of partners who have been working closely with us for decades are dedicated every day to ensuring that our clients reach any part of the world in the most optimal and suitable manner.