SEISIDA celebrates its XXI national congress in Toledo

The capital of La Mancha hosts a new edition of the annual congress of the Spanish Interdisciplinary Society of AIDS, which this year meets under the theme ‘The ages of HIV’.

On May 9 and 10, the Palacio de Congresos of the city of Toledo hosted the XXI National Congress on AIDS and STIs. Under the slogan ‘The Ages of HIV’ the program proposed to reflect on the visibility of living with HIV throughout life. In addition, this congress aimed to highlight the importance of knowing how to live with the virus at different ages and stages of life.

SEISIDA‘s work over the years has involved various stakeholders from different backgrounds: medical professionals, nurses, patients, the press and media and the pharmaceutical industry. Actors who have intervened and contributed their knowledge and means to become involved in the latest advances in the fight against AIDS.

The collaboration between MTGlobal and SEISIDA goes far beyond simple logistical support. It is a narrow and significant effort that seeks to make a real difference in the lives of people affected by the disease. From our offices, we provide technical and scientific secretariats for the event and carefully plan all the details of the congress. Bringing together professionals from different disciplines makes it necessary to be able to pay attention to the smallest detail. Each SEISIDA congress is an inclusive space where the scientific community meets, learns and collaborates interdisciplinary about this disease. At MTGlobal we strongly believe in teamwork. That is why our relationship with SEISIDA is getting stronger and stronger. Our commitment is a testament to a partnership that is consummated year after year in a fundamental event for the sector.

This year’s congress was attended by the Minister of Health, Mónica García, who inaugurated the two-day event, which included a space for young people to discuss doctor-patient communication, the relationship between geriatric syndromes and disease detection, stigma and resilience in the face of HIV, active aging, the chemsex, the challenges of sexually transmitted diseases, menopause in women with HIV or sexual health. All this through conferences, keynote lectures, round tables and an open forum where, once again, the conclusions of this SEISIDA will set the course for a new era in HIV and AIDS research.

Our specialized team is present at all stages of the congress.

The XXI National Congress on AIDS (SEISIDA) was attended by the Minister of Health, Monica Garcia.

As in every edition, the National AIDS Congress is a forum where the latest studies and advances in HIV are presented.