MTGlobal and ESG Policies: A Commitment to the Future

At MTGlobal we have made several commitments to ESG policies at a global level and have undertaken actions to achieve a better world.

In a world where resources are limited and social awareness is on the rise, sustainability and ESG policies have become fundamental pillars for companies seeking not only economic success, but also environmental and social well-being. But what are ESG policies?

Although this term may seem recent, it stems from the demonstrations and initiatives in favor of sustainable investment by companies since around the 1960s. The ESG concept evolved directly from the 2000s, when the term Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) began to be used. In the previous decade, with the implementation of new digital technologies, companies began to become aware of their impact on society and the environment and to evaluate how they could adapt so that their work would not interfere with the environment.

Environment, social and governance

ESG policies refer to all those practices and regulations implemented by companies that incorporate environmental, social and governance criteria into their business strategy. These criteria help companies to operate in a more sustainable and ethical manner.

  • Environmental: Includes initiatives to reduce carbon footprint, manage water and energy consumption, and promote biodiversity.
  • Social: Focuses on the company’s impact on its employees, customers and communities, including diversity, inclusion and labor welfare.
  • Governance: Covers the company’s leadership structure, compensation, shareholder rights and transparency in decision making.

For MTGlobal, adopting ESG policies is not only a question of social responsibility, but also a strategy when looking for partners, clients or suppliers aligned with the stated objectives. From an environmental point of view, it is very important to know which actions have a real positive impact on the environment. La reducción de residuos plásticos, la medición de la huella de carbono en viajes y eventos así como el trabajo en la protección de la biodiversidad. Our commitment to the Whole World Water project has helped us educate our team in all offices, suppliers and customers to reduce the use of single-use plastics and the waste they generate.

In the social area, we have paid special attention to taking on projects that improve the situation of populations around the world. We have collaboration agreements with Proyecto Tanzania, Save The Children, Doctors Without Borders and SOS Children’s Villages. También hemos adquirido con Atenpace el compromiso de ayudar a ofrecer la mejor asistencia a niños con parálisis cerebral a nivel educativo e integración social.

From governance, we apply best practices in corporate quality, team culture and management processes and business ethics. We maintain high standards of transparency and involve our stakeholders in our decisions and processes. Our commitment is to create long-term value for our team, customers, suppliers and that, together, we feel the effect of all our actions on sound ESG governance.

At MTGlobal, every action counts, every commitment made is a way of aligning ourselves with the objectives set in ESG at a global level. We live in a world that is increasingly aware of and oriented towards environmental, social and corporate governance challenges. The integration of these commitments and the acquisition of new objectives will be part of our philosophy as an opportunity to drive positive change around us as well as a sustainable future for the generations that will follow us.