MTGlobal: circular design, sustainability and event production

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand when it comes to addressing challenges such as sustainability and the circular economy. At MTGlobal we are committed to an efficient model in all phases of the production of any type of event.

Diseño de un evento con elementos sostenibles.

Commitment to sustainability

El complejo mundo de los eventos es un lienzo en blanco preparado para plasmar la creatividad y la innovación en cuanto al diseño, localización, decoración y el deseo de ser rompedor en cada ocasión. Every year, in this ever-changing world, new trends emerge that challenge the established and make us want to create memorable experiences. At MTGlobal we are committed to something that is already more than a reality: the return to nature. Our Production department, in collaboration with the Congresses, Events and Conventions teams, has adopted the circular philosophy when planning all designs, decoration elements, technical means and communication.

Sustainability is one of the commitments that MTGlobal has firmly acquired throughout our thirty years of experience. We have seen how it has become one of the fundamental pillars of the socioeconomic transformations that have taken place in recent years. Through our certifications and the collaboration of both clients and suppliers, added to the involvement of our team, we have become leaders in the production of sustainable and environmentally friendly events. We implement energy-efficient technology for reduce fabrication, lighting and LED screens, we take advantage of all the natural light in the space, we minimize the distance between the event venue and the accommodation, we look for caterers that work with local products and we use recyclable materials in all phases of any event, convention or congress. In addition, we digitize the previous processes and, if printing is required, we use eco-solvent inks. We also reduce or eliminate, according to customer preferences, the distribution of promotional material that is not sustainable and does not meet the standards set by our commitments.

User experience

At MTGlobal we are clear that our events have to have the best user experience. We strive to surprise and delight the attendees of everything we organize. We like to do what we would love to see. Our facilities, stands, environments and experiences are focused on integrating the latest technological advances with customer satisfaction. For us, it’s the only way to create immersive and memorable experiences that last. And that’s what makes us different.

Y es lo que nos hace diferentes.

We have clients who are aware of the importance of circular design for their events. We work to ensure that all materials used in all phases of design and production have a reusable, recyclable function that embodies this commitment. The joint effort between our Events and Conventions, Congresses and Production teams also allows the optimization of each space, making the objective of the event coexist with the interaction between attendees and the ultimate goal of minimizing the environmental impact of our work. Our only footprint should be on customers and attendees, not on the planet. For this reason, we offset all emissions derived from any carbon footprint event with projects that you can consult on this link.

Therefore, we must be clear that trends in design and production of events are evolving towards more natural, sustainable and user experience spaces. As event organizers and production and design specialists, it is our task to combine impact with sustainability, in applying the latest technologies to continue to be leaders in our sector.

Because at MTGlobal, with you, we make it possible.