We open the new issue of TAG Universe

With the month of March comes a new issue of TAG Universe magazine with our new logo on the cover.

Primer número de 2024 de la revista Universo TAG

In this third issue of the quarterly magazine published by Travel Advisors, which will run until next June, issues related to music tourism and the importance of an artist like Taylor Swift for destinations around the world are raised.

On the other hand, and among other matters of interest, the focus is on new proposals from suppliers such as Meliá, Vincci Hoteles, Paradores and Only You. Airlines such as Singapore Airlines and Aeromexico are also featured in this first issue of Universo TAG.

The Traveling Universe section takes us around the world, to places like the Danube, Egypt, Maldives, Zanzibar, Uzbekistan or Mauritius as destinations for a 2024 that promises to once again surpass record figures in the tourism sector. An industry that can also be complemented or at odds with one of the technological sensations of recent years: ChatGPT and the use of artificial intelligence.

To the (traveling) rhythm of Taylor Swift

That Taylor Swift is an artist who moves millions around the world is something that no one disputes anymore. Its global importance for the tourism industry is remarkable. His fans and followers around the world move millions of dollars and The Eras Tour is expected to finish with record numbers, going down in history as one of the most successful tours ever conceived. In the U.S. alone, the figure has already reached 2.2 billion dollars.

Searches for airline tickets to attend any of his concerts have shot up by 473% and travel to capitals such as Stockholm, Warsaw, Edinburgh or Liverpool from countries in the antipodes has become the perfect pilgrimage for lovers of the Pennsylvania singer’s music.

Iryo, Meliá, Vincci, Paradores and Only You, in TAG Universe

Interviews and reports about objectives, new openings, remodeling and next moves of some of the most demanded lodging and transportation companies in the international market. In this new issue, where the new MTGlobal logo accompanies the masthead, we also find the Asian destinations to be covered by Singapore Airlines and Aeromexico.

Cruises on the Rhine and the Danube, the most wonderful corners of Egypt, along with the imminent opening of the Great Egyptian Museum; the passion for traveling and discovering places like the Maldives or Zanzibar.

In short, a review of some of our suppliers, with whom we have agreements and rates for your events, incentive trips, transfers and corporate travel… Do you want to know more? Click on this link and you will have all the information you need.

ChatGPT and artificial intelligence applied to tourism

With an extensive report on the arrival of AI in our lives, Universo TAG invites us to debate and reflect on the use we can make of a tool that is here to stay, both personally and professionally.

Recent legislation at European level on limiting the use of AI has led us to assess how it can help or contribute to improving certain processes or whether, on the contrary, the consequences of its misuse will end up phagocytizing the potential advantages of tools such as ChatGPT, Copilot, Gemini… In this issue of TAG Universe, several key points are raised to clarify what type of technology is used, what its limits are and where it is headed in a future that is as uncertain as it is unpredictable.

You can download this issue of TAG Universe at this link.