El Hierro, La Palma and La Gomera

Three islands where you can feel like you’re in paradise. In each of them, you can live different experiences impossible to forget.

  • El Hierro emerged from the waters of the Atlantic only 1.1 million years ago. Until then, it has not stopped shaping its form and figure around the shape that volcanoes have conferred upon it. If you choose Tenerife for your MICE events, with MTGlobal DMC Canarias, you'll have the opportunity to approach an island that awaits you to show you the best views of the horizon.

  • La Palma is one of the most visited destinations in recent years by all those who want to observe the landscape of the island after the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano. In any visit to the island, green dominates every journey you take. Its Indianos Carnival is a reference throughout the archipelago, and contemplating the stars in one of the largest observatories in Europe is something impossible to describe in words.

  • La Gomera is synonymous with culture and ancestral traditions. Just a 55-minute boat ride from Tenerife is this island worth a visit, where you'll encounter something as unique in the world as "silbo gomero," a language used by its inhabitants to communicate across valleys, ravines, and mountains.

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